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22nd March 2024

The latest CoderDojo platform features

We recently launched a brand new CoderDojo platform that is faster, and more user-friendly. Read on to learn more about the latest features we’ve added, including: email functionality, event cancellation and the ability to subscribe to Dojo updates on the platform. Event booking confirmation email When parents or guardians book a ticket to a Dojo …

8th March 2024

Switching to our Code Editor in projects

We have created an online text-based Code Editor to help young people aged 7 and older learn to write code. A code editor is a tool to write code in a programming language for a computer program. Our Code Editor is free and designed for young people.  Over the last eleven months we have improved …

9th February 2024

Choosing projects for 7–10 year olds

At CoderDojo young people can use any resources and/or tools they have access to in order to develop their skills. Sometimes the amount of resources available can be overwhelming. This blog suggests what order projects can be completed in, for different age groups.  We encourage you to ask your young people what topics they are …

11th September 2023

Improving resources for volunteers and clubs

We want everyone who volunteers with us to have a great experience, irrespective of where they are, how long they are involved, or their specific role. In line with this, we are working to improve the CoderDojo volunteer experience for current and future volunteers. Community input Over the coming months, we will be developing onboarding …

5th September 2023

Top tips to get you ‘Back to Dojo’!

September is a time when a lot of Dojos resume their events after a well-deserved break.  We’re here to support you as you get #BackToDojo this term, with a selection of useful tips and resources. Plan your sessions Before your Ninjas return, take the opportunity to talk to your volunteers and plan out the schedule …

19th December 2022

New resources released in 2022

As we come to the end of 2022, the CoderDojo team wants to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our community members for volunteering your time and skills over the last year to support young people. As many Dojos return to in-person activities, it’s been fantastic to get out and …

13th December 2022

Celebrate with Certificates in your Dojo

Use our variety of certificates to recognise and celebrate all those who participate in your Dojo. Whether it’s celebrating Ninjas developing their coding skills, thanking volunteers for giving their time, or showing gratitude to those who give the space to host Dojo sessions, we have a certificate to suit the situation.

24th August 2022

Resources to help you get Back to Dojo

It’s that time of year again when many Dojos return from break. It can be a busy month for a lot of people, so we have a special comprehensive guide to help you restart your Dojo!  For the next four weeks, our Back to Dojo series will highlight helpful resources that you may need for …

24th August 2022

Icebreakers and unplugged activities for your club

Icebreaker activities are designed to welcome and encourage interaction among Ninjas at the start of a session. These short games are fantastic ways to help new Ninjas feel relaxed.  The benefits of starting a Dojo session with icebreakers include: Helping a new group get to know one another Helping new members to integrate into a …

30th June 2022

New Raspberry Pi Pico and useful resources

Last year, Raspberry Pi launched the Raspberry Pi Pico, a physical computing device that is low-cost and easy to use. It’s much smaller than any Raspberry Pi computer, and it needs much less power. That’s because it’s not a full computer but instead a microcontroller. That means it is a device that you program by writing …

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