Policies and guidelines

Our simple rules to ensure Dojos are accessible and safe for young people, as well as all the legal stuff.

Dojo champion and volunteer guidelines

When a Dojo champion starts their Dojo, they agree to the CoderDojo Charter. All volunteers should also follow our code of behaviour, and volunteers involved in communications for their Dojo should understand our social media and communication guidelines for volunteers.


All Dojo volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that their Dojo is safe for young people and vulnerable adults. Access our safeguarding policy and resources to help you keep your Dojo safe.

The CoderDojo brand

As a CoderDojo community member, you may wish to use the CoderDojo logo and character illustrations to create a website for your Dojo, promote your Dojo on your social channels, or design other materials for your Dojo (e.g. T-shirts, prizes, posters, or flyers). You are welcome to download and use the CoderDojo logo, colours, font, and character illustrations, all of which can be found in our style guide.

CoderDojo Logo

Like most CoderDojo content, you are free to modify the logo for non-commercial use as long as you provide attribution. Specifically, our logo is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You should also use our style guide to help you.

Many Dojos have made awesome, original logos for themselves or modified the CoderDojo logo to create their own designs. We have seen local landmarks incorporated into logos, the use of different colours, and new mascots to reflect an individual Dojo’s identity. Find out more about these logos in this blog post. Remember to share your designs with us — we love to see these creative designs from the community!

We also have a selection of branded items available in an online shop.

Other policies

Other relevant policies include our cookie policy and our privacy policy.

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