Celebrate with Certificates in your Dojo

We have a variety of certificates to recognise and celebrate all those who participate in your Dojo. Whether it’s celebrating Ninjas developing their coding skills, thanking volunteers for giving their time, or showing gratitude to those who give the space to host Dojo sessions, we have a certificate to suit the situation.

Certificates for champions, volunteers, and venues

We all know that it’s important to support and encourage the young people at your Dojo, however it is also important to recognise the efforts of the adults involved. With this in mind, we have designed a set of certificates for CoderDojo champions, volunteers, and venues.

Champion certificate

Volunteer certificate

Venue certificate

Editable Certificate template for young people


To help you recognise the achievements of young people at your Dojo, we’ve created this template to let you make certificates. Sign into your Google account when you click on the link and you’ll get a copy you can edit for your own needs.

Pathway certificates

After young people have completed a project path, celebrate their achievement by presenting them with the corresponding path certificate. You can either download the editable certificate and type in their details digitally, or print it out the blank certificate and write their name on it manually. Have fun!

Scratch path certificates

Python path certificate

HTML and CSS path certificate

Physical computing path certificate

Unity path certificate

Raspberry Pi Pico path certificate

Micro:bit path certificate

Themed pathway certificates

For those who have completed the  Look after yourself (Scratch) path.

Protect our planet certificates

For those who have completed the  Protect our planet (Scratch) path. 

Certificates to reward Ninjas and volunteers working remotely

Over the last few years, the global CoderDojo community has had to adapt to a host of new circumstances in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some Dojos have been running their sessions online, while others have been sending activities for Ninjas to try remotely.

We have designed these certificates to help you reward and recognise the efforts of your Ninjas and volunteers developing their skills remotely.

Ninja certificates

If your Ninjas were able to code during this unusual time — regardless of whether this was in a big or small way — you will undoubtedly want to reward them for these efforts. We have designed a special Ninja certificate for this purpose.

Volunteer certificates

Volunteers also deserve huge recognition for any efforts they have made too. It is likely that they have had to adapt to new ways of mentoring and supporting the Ninjas online.

Finally, remember to share how you are celebrating young people at your Dojo on social media by tagging @CoderDojo in your social media posts.

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