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New volunteer training

We’ve developed two new training resources specifically for CoderDojo volunteers. Our “How to mentor at a Dojo” module is for those interested in learning more about volunteering with CoderDojo and gaining insights on mentoring approaches.

The “How to recruit volunteers” training module is aimed at champions looking to get new volunteers for their Dojo.

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Hands with a computer mouse, and a robot buggy.

Two new training modules!

We’ve developed two new training resources. One for those interested in learning how to mentor, and another for champions looking to recruit new volunteers for their Dojo.

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Boy typing on computer

Three resources for teaching Python

Explore the text-based programming language, Python, and share three resources to help you teach it.

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Code Club World islands

New resources for all ages

Our latest resource round-up has something for everyone — from young coders just starting out on their learning journeys, to more experienced coders, to Dojo volunteers.

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Upcoming events

Community call: Intro to web development | Online | 10 January 2023 at 7:00pm GMT

Community call: Tips for trying Python | Online | 7 February 2023 at 7:00pm GMT

Community call: Printable resources | Online | 7 March 2023 at 7:00pm GMT

Clubs Conference 2023 | Cambridge, UK and online | 24–25 March 2023

Community stories

Explore the inspiring stories of young people involved in CoderDojo.

Avye and her mother

Avye's story

Avye has been coding since she was 7. She is passionate about robotics and closing the gender divide in the tech industry. Learn how she’s leading the way for girls into coding.

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Image of Toshan

Toshan's story

Toshan found help in the global Raspberry Pi community on his coding journey. To give something back, he set up a CoderDojo for other young people in his hometown. Watch his story to discover why mentoring is such an important part of his life.

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Image of Laura

Laura’s story

Since meeting like-minded tech creators at her local CoderDojo, Laura has travelled the world with her friends and the robots they build together. Discover how Laura’s journey has led her to mind-controlled robotics and more!

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Connect with the community on Slack

Slack brings the CoderDojo community and their passions together in one place. Discussions are organised into topic-specific channels. You can type and share documents, and hop on a voice or video call all from within the CoderDojo Global Slack. It’s available in the browser and as an app (desktop or mobile).

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