Improving resources for volunteers and clubs

We want everyone who volunteers with us to have a great experience, irrespective of where they are, how long they are involved, or their specific role. In line with this, we are working to improve the CoderDojo volunteer experience for current and future volunteers.

Community input

Over the coming months, we will be developing onboarding resources and marketing materials specifically for CoderDojo volunteers. We’d like you to help shape them. To make real improvements, we need the input of community members like you who have experience of volunteering with CoderDojo. What resources would you find useful starting out? If you are new to, currently or have been previously volunteering with CoderDojo, we invite you to take part in our feedback and decision-making process as a volunteer contributor.

What contributors will do

Volunteer contributors will take part in monthly one-hour online sessions for a four-month period (September–December). The first sessions will focus on resources for volunteers starting out and those new to running a club. Between all the sessions, you will be provided with resources and content to review and share your feedback on. If you want to contribute, we ask that you commit to setting aside two hours per month to attend the sessions and review and give feedback on resources.  

What contributors will gain

Volunteer contributors will have early access to new resources in development, and will significantly contribute to shaping them. We’ll also add you to a private channel on the CoderDojo Global Slack instance, where between sessions you will be able to discuss your inputs with the group of volunteer contributors. You will receive a letter of endorsement for your contribution to the project. We can also provide you with a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Previously volunteers helped shape and develop two training modules. A huge thank you to all those who participated.

We are aiming to have a representative sample of volunteers from the community involved in the project. Therefore please be aware that we may not be able to accept all applications.

Apply to be a volunteer contributor

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