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24th July 2023

Celebrating 12 years and looking to the future for volunteers!

Happy Birthday CoderDojo! Sunday, 23 July, marked 12 years since the first ever CoderDojo event! It’s a remarkable milestone that we couldn’t have reached without the incredible dedication of CoderDojo volunteers. Today, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for the work you do. Milestones Speaking of milestones, it’s …

11th July 2023

Enter the CoderDojo Birthday Giveaway!

This month we’re celebrating 12 years since the first ever CoderDojo event! Since that first Dojo in Ireland, thousands of Dojo events have taken place, thanks to thousands of volunteers in 115 countries around the world! Through your efforts almost 50,000 young people have been empowered to create with technology!  To celebrate all the incredible …

26th June 2023

Five things we’ve learned from 10 years of CoderDojo Belgium

Earlier this month, our Global Community Coordinator, Izzy, caught up with members of the CoderDojo Belgium team and community. In 2012, Martine Tempels was selected as ‘ICT Woman of the Year’ by Data News, a leading publication in the Belgian market for the IT community. This nomination made Martine want to ‘inspire young people’, and …

6th June 2023

A bright idea for a UK community

This Volunteers’ week Fred Hasson shares how he initially started CoderDojo Brighton in September 2013, and his experiences on approaching their 10th anniversary. In 2012 I met Bill Liao (Co-Founder of CoderDojo) at an entrepreneurs conference in Birmingham. He talked about many things including CoderDojo and how it had taken off. I visited the club …

3rd April 2023

5 things we learned at #ClubsCon23

Over the day and a half, more than 140 attendees participated in over 40 workshops, discussions, and talks. Here are five things we learned from the Conference!

24th January 2023

Reassuring our community about the recent CircleCI security alert

You may have heard of a recent security alert at CircleCI. We want to reassure our community that we have no reason to believe that any user data has been accessed, or is at risk, because of this incident. What is CircleCI?  CircleCI lets teams build fully-automated pipelines, from testing to deployment. Engineers can use …

19th December 2022

New resources released in 2022

As we come to the end of 2022, the CoderDojo team wants to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our community members for volunteering your time and skills over the last year to support young people. As many Dojos return to in-person activities, it’s been fantastic to get out and …

9th November 2022

Take part in our Clubs Conference

We are excited to announce that CoderDojo and Code Club, along with the wider Raspberry Pi Foundation family, will host the first-ever Clubs Conference from Friday 24 to Saturday 25 March 2023 at Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS, UK and we’d like to invite you to join us! The Clubs Conference is a participatory event …

24th August 2022

Resources to help you get Back to Dojo

It’s that time of year again when many Dojos return from break. It can be a busy month for a lot of people, so we have a special comprehensive guide to help you restart your Dojo!  For the next four weeks, our Back to Dojo series will highlight helpful resources that you may need for …

14th June 2022

Safety guidance and tool updates for online sessions

As you may know, you can run online sessions using videoconferencing or livestreaming tools. In online sessions, young people can work on a project together or they can work independently on different activities. Volunteers should support young people to write and debug their code during the session. In this blog post, we will share our …

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