New resources released in 2022

As we come to the end of 2022, the CoderDojo team wants to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our community members for volunteering your time and skills over the last year to support young people. As many Dojos return to in-person activities, it’s been fantastic to get out and meet volunteers and Ninjas doing what they love!

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who responded to our polls, annual survey, and other requests for feedback. Thanks to your input, we’ve learned about the activity of 900 Dojos running worldwide!

New project resources

This year we’ve released 26 new projects in the 3…2…1…Make! path format. They cover an ‘Introduction to web: HTML, CSS, and animations’ path, an ‘Introduction to Raspberry Pi Pico’ path, and an ‘Introduction to Unity’ path. We ran a space-themed codealong in October, and developed projects to help young people participating in Astro Pi Mission Space Lab and Mission Zero. Our content team has also been trialing a step-by-step video guide to our projects, including ‘Space talk’, which is available in English and French.

New training resources

For the adults, we’ve been consulting with CoderDojo volunteers and taking your feedback to develop two training modules. One provides guidance on how to mentor at a Dojo. The second training module is aimed at champions and those managing Dojos to recruit volunteers. We also released a series of new resources to help with recruiting volunteers.

Feedback has been really positive, if you’ve not seen them yet please take a look!

Guides for mentors

Our content team has also been busy developing a series of guides to help those getting started with new programming topics and hardware. These include our: 

New website

This year we launched a brand new website. Thank you to all those who user-tested the new site before its release, and those who provided feedback to improve it further. Thanks to our translation volunteers, the website is available in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German, and Japanese, with more on the way!

Many people sitting down

Looking ahead to 2023

We’re excited to host the first-ever Clubs Conference for our community of volunteers in March 2023. We’ve also scheduled regular online calls to develop and share new resources, tools, and projects. Learn more about our upcoming events on our Community webpage.

Next year, we also can’t wait to run the latest edition of Coolest Projects Global, our online showcase of young people’s creative project ideas! Project registration for the 2023 online showcase opens on Monday 6 February, and closes Wednesday 26 April.

As well as lots of opportunities to connect with current community members, in 2023 we can’t wait to welcome new Ninjas, volunteers and Dojos to the network, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to create with technology locally. 

From all the CoderDojo Foundation team, we’d like to wish you a truly happy holiday season, and all the best for 2023!

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