The latest CoderDojo platform features

We recently launched a brand new CoderDojo platform that is faster, and more user-friendly. Read on to learn more about the latest features we’ve added, including: email functionality, event cancellation and the ability to subscribe to Dojo updates on the platform.

Event booking confirmation email

When parents or guardians book a ticket to a Dojo event on our platform they will now get an automatic email confirming their booking. Emails are currently being sent through the platform in Dutch, English, French and German. We are planning to add additional languages over the coming months.

Event cancelation

We’ve also added the ability for champions to cancel an event. This will automatically email all those who had booked tickets to the event.

Subscribe to a Dojo

Parents and guardians can now subscribe to Dojo updates. Once subscribed they will get an email notification when a new event is created for the Dojo they are subscribed to.

Edit your Dojo profile page

Editing your Dojo’s profile page within the platform is now available. You can edit the description on your Dojo profile as well as key details about your club. If you need to edit the address of your Dojo please contact us ([email protected]) and we will be able to update this on your behalf.

What’s coming next

We are continuing to add to the functionality of the platform and in the coming weeks and months champions will be able to:

Apply to start a new club and get it verified on our platform

We are working to improve the verification process for people who are interested in starting a CoderDojo club in their local area. As part of the improvement process, we need to temporarily pause new club registrations. We now ask people who are interested in starting a Dojo to share some preliminary information. We then send them a series of emails containing useful information and resources to help them prepare for starting a club and get verified quickly once the new process is in place. We will contact everyone that has registered their interest in starting a Dojo and assist them through the improved verification process when it launches in April 2024.

Send and receive additional types of emails – including email notifications when people request to volunteer at your Dojo.

Benefits and features already available through the platform

For champions

Create and manage events easily

The new platform offers a simplified process for creating ticketed events, including the ability to define multiple ticket types and collect emergency contact numbers. As mentioned above when new events are published, all those subscribed to the Dojo will receive an email about the new event. In addition if the champion needs to cancel an event, they can do so within the platform, which will then notify all those who booked tickets to that event by email.

Dashboard upgrade

One of the highlights for champions and volunteers is the revamped dashboard, complete with training and support resources. 

Faster, easier, and more stable

Importantly the new CoderDojo platform is faster, easier-to-use, and more stable platform for champions. This allows you to manage your Dojo without waiting for load screens, letting you to focus on what matters most.

For volunteers 

Faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process

Potential volunteers can find Dojos in their local area faster than ever before, improving the experience of locating a club they can support.

Easy requests to join a Dojo

The platform makes it easy for volunteers who wish to join a Dojo they’ve found on the platform. The clearer Dojo profile page design allows volunteers to express their interest quickly, helping those who manage a club to build a stronger and more vibrant Dojo team.

Onboarding checklist for new volunteers

As well as making it easier for new volunteers to join a Dojo, we’ve also created an onboarding process that they can access from their Dashboard. This shows them the key things they need to do, such as complete our safeguarding training.

For parents and guardians

Faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process

Parents and guardians will appreciate the faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process, enabling them to discover a Dojo in their local area quicker than ever before. 

Easier event booking, with no accounts needed

Parents and guardians will find it even easier to book onto events on the platform without the need to create an account. This ensures a hassle-free experience for parents/guardians, making your Dojo more accessible.

Things to note

Volunteers booking tickets to events

The new platform will simplify the process for parents/guardians booking events. However, the simplified process for volunteers to book into events is not available currently on the new platform. If champions wish to have volunteers book into their events on the new platform, they can create a ticket type for volunteers/mentors.

Eventbrite integration removed

Eventbrite integration won’t be available on the new platform. Additionally, Eventbrite has recently introduced an organiser fee in some countries for those who publish events with more than 25 free tickets. If you want to change your ticketing platform, this is a perfect opportunity to start using our new platform — which will always be free — to manage your ticketed events. 

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