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CoderDojo & Raspberry Pi bundelen krachten

26 May 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

Met plezier mag ik met u delen dat de CoderDojo Foundation vanaf vandaag krachten zal bundelen met de Raspberry Pi Foundation. Dit zal nog meer jonge mensen de mogelijkheid geven te leren coderen en creëren. Deze fusie zal de stichting ondersteunen een nog sterkere,  in zijn… Read More

CoderDojo and Raspberry Pi Join Forces

26 May 2017 · by Giustina Mizzoni

Today I am excited to share the news  that the CoderDojo Foundation will be joining forces with the Raspberry Pi Foundation team in a merger that will give many more young people the opportunity to learn how to code and create. This merger will support the Foundation… Read More

CoderDojo e Raspberry Pi uniscono le forze

26 May 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

  Today I am very happy to inform you that the foundation Coderdojo unite à forces with the team of the Raspberry Pi foundation for a merger that give a many young people the opportunity… Read More

CoderDojo et Raspberry Pi unissent leurs forces

26 May 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

  Je suis très heureux de vous annoncer aujourd’hui que la Fondation CoderDojo et la Fondation Raspberry Pi vont s’associer pour offrir à encore plus de jeunes la possibilité d’apprendre à coder et créer. Cette fusion permettra à la Fondation de devenir une organisation plus solide, plus… Read More

CoderDojo & Raspberry Pi Unen Fuerzas

26 May 2017 · by Rosa Langhammer

Estoy emocionado por compartir que la Fundación CoderDojo unirá fuerzas con la Fundación Raspberry Pi, en una  unión que dará la oportunidad de aprender a codificar y crear a muchos más jóvenes. Esta unión ayudará a hacer que la Fundación sea más fuerte, más sostenible y… Read More

Coding clubs in Glasgow libraries

23 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

The aim of the Coder in Residence project was to create a sustainable framework of coding clubs for young people in Glasgow Libraries. This project has been run in partnership with CoderDojo Scotland. Currently we have 12 coding clubs running frequently within Glasgow, with this number continuing to grow. Read More

Deadline Extended for Coolest Projects 2017 Entries!

21 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Our project applications are nearing capacity! But to let last minute projects register we have extended the project applications deadline for The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Showcase until midnight, next Sunday, May 28th. The Coolest Projects Showcase is both a competition and exhibition that supports a generation CoderDojo innovators, creators and entrepreneurs… Read More

Our 5 latest improvements to the Community Platform!

15 May 2017 · by Nuala McHale

Software Engineers, Daniel and Guillaume, and Content Lead Philip have made some awesome design and feature improvements to the Community Platform recently including: 1. New “My Dojos” page design The new layout (see left) makes creating events, viewing & managing your members, editing your Dojo profile… Read More

How to email members of your Dojo from within the Platform

13 May 2017 · by Giustina Mizzoni

Last month, among designing the new Start a Dojo process, drafting specs for a new content platform and working on end-to-end test our software team pushed a new feature for the Community Platform (Zen) that I, among many community members had requested and were waiting for for in… Read More

Open Community Call – 23rd of May

11 May 2017 · by Ross O'Neill

Hi everyone in the community! Below is the agenda for third Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. On this open call, we will be focusing on content and Digital Badges. Philip, our content lead, will be available on the call to receive feedback and open… Read More

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