New CoderDojo platform launching in December!

Get ready for an exciting improvement coming this December — the launch of our brand new CoderDojo platform! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits this platform will bring to champions (those who manage clubs), volunteers, parents, and guardians. Keep reading to learn about these exciting developments and important changes to be aware of.

For champions

Faster, easier, and more stable

The upcoming transition to the new CoderDojo platform promises a faster, easier-to-use, and more stable platform for champions and improved experience overall. This will allow a more streamlined approach to managing your Dojo, to let you to focus on what matters most.

Simplified event management

Creating and managing events is getting a whole lot easier. The new platform will offer a simplified process for event creation, including the ability to define multiple ticket types, and collect emergency contact numbers. This will make it more useful for your Dojo’s specific needs.

For volunteers

Faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process

Potential volunteers can find Dojos in their local area faster than ever before, improving the experience of locating a club they can support.

Easy requests to join a Dojo

The new platform also facilitates the process for volunteers who wish to join a Dojo they’ve found on the platform. The clearer Dojo profile page design allows volunteers to express their interest easily, helping those who manage a club to build a stronger and more vibrant Dojo team.

Dashboard upgrade

One of the highlights for champions and volunteers is the revamped dashboard, complete with training and support resources. This will empower those involved in a Dojo to access the resources and tools they need to volunteer effectively.

For parents and guardians

Faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process

Parents and guardians will appreciate the faster ‘Find a Dojo’ process, enabling them to discover a Dojo in their local area quicker than ever before. 

Easier event booking, with no accounts needed

Parents and guardians will find it even easier to book onto events on the platform without the need to create an account. This ensures a hassle-free experience for parents/guardians, making your Dojo more accessible.

Important points for champions

As we make this transition to the new platform, there are some important details that people who manage a Dojo using the platform should know:

Confirmation and notification emails

From Monday 3 December, notification emails will not be sent to Dojo members when new events are created on the platform. Additionally, people who book tickets to events on the platform will not receive confirmation emails. This feature will be added in early 2024.

Updating and emailing Dojo members

Sending emails within the new platform won’t be possible until early 2024. Dojo champions can manage and export a CSV list of club members to contact them using alternative tools in the meantime.

Dojo profile updates

Editing your Dojo’s profile page within the platform will be unavailable from December 3 until early 2024. Please update your Dojo profile as required in advance of this.

Events created in advance of the move

If you’ve already created events on the Zen platform for December, January, and February, rest assured that we will move these over to the new platform for you. Please contact us ([email protected]) if you notice any issues with events that were moved over.

‘Dojo admin’ and ‘ticketing admin’ roles removed

Role types will be simplified on the new platform, to just champion or volunteer roles. If you have volunteers who manage events or check in attendees on the platform, make sure they are assigned to a champion role by December.

Volunteers booking tickets to events

The new platform will simplify the process for parents/guardians booking events. However, the simplified process for volunteers to book into events will not launch with the platform in December. If champions wish to have volunteers book into their events on the new platform, they can create a ticket type for volunteers/mentors.

Eventbrite integration removed

Eventbrite integration won’t be available on the new platform. Additionally, Eventbrite has recently introduced an organiser fee in some countries for those who publish events with more than 25 free tickets. If you plan to continue to use Eventbrite for your Dojo events, we suggest updating your Dojo profile to include a link to your Eventbrite page. If you want to change your ticketing platform, this is a perfect opportunity to start using our new platform — which will always be free — to manage your ticketed events. 

Registering a new CoderDojo club

We are working to improve the verification process for people who are interested in starting a CoderDojo club in their local area. As part of the improvement process, we need to temporarily pause new club registrations. As a result, applications received before 10 November will use our old process, and will be moved onto the new platform at the start of December, once the necessary checks are completed. 

From 10 November, we will ask people who are interested in starting a Dojo to share some preliminary information and then we will send them a series of emails containing useful information and resources to help them prepare for starting a club and get verified quickly once the new process is in place. We will contact everyone that has registered their interest in starting a Dojo and assist them through the improved verification process when it launches in early 2024. 

If you plan to start a Dojo early in the new year, we recommend you get your application submitted by 10 November.

Explore our new platform – webinar

We will be running a 30-minute webinar on Thursday 16 November at 5:00pm (UTC) and again on Friday 17 November at 11:00am (UTC), to demonstrate the new platform and answer any queries you may have. See what the new platform will look like with practical demos and learn about the important changes you can expect.

We look forward to providing a better platform for you and your Dojo!

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