Creating a global community with our CoderDojo partner network

Our Global Community Coordinator, Izzy, shares more about how our Global Clubs Partner network works with CoderDojo.

Here at CoderDojo, we want to help as many young people as possible realise that they can build a positive future through coding. The CoderDojo team continuously works towards this goal from their bases in the UK, Ireland, India, and the United States, but our community extends around the world. So how do we make sure we can support communities in areas where we don’t have staff? That’s where our CoderDojo partners come in! From Mexico to Japan, we work with in-country organisations to set up and support Dojos locally.

CoderDojo Ofuna, Japan

Different partnerships for different communities

Each community is different, with their own needs and challenges, and we have different levels of partnership to help us best support each group. In Belgium, for example, we have a strategic partnership with the CoderDojo Belgium team, who provide support for Dojos nationwide, but also collaborate with us on strategic issues such as special projects and research.

Next, we have our national partner organisations. These partners focus on developing and supporting a nationwide network of Dojos, with work including volunteer recruitment, content translation, and finding ways to improve the learning experience for young people. We currently have six national partners, based in the Czech Republic, Germany, Iraq, Japan, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka. 

We also have 14 growth partnerships in 13 countries around the world. Growth partners work to grow the CoderDojo community in a local region, or with a specific demographic of young people, such as girls or those in rural communities.

CoderDojo partners at our meet-up in Cape Town, South Africa

What our partners say about CoderDojo

“There’s not just one thing I find rewarding, but often you see like-minded souls finding each other in their shared geekiness. I love it when people discover that it’s totally ok to enjoy playing with technology and fuel each other’s enthusiasm. Just to be clear, I’m not only talking about the young people!”

Kurt De Vocht, long-time volunteer at CoderDojo Belgium, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year

“Young people love our Dojo… I have to compliment the Foundation for its materials, how it’s presented, and the amazing tools online.”

Bruce Harms, Managing Director of Full Stack Vision FND in Aruba, a new CoderDojo partner in 2023

“It’s a unique position that the CoderDojo Foundation and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have given us. We would like to do more and empower more kids. So that’s our intention.”

Prabhath Mannapperuma, Director at STEMUp Foundation in Sri Lanka, a CoderDojo national partner

A CoderDojo in Sri Lanka, supported by the STEMUp Foundation

Could you become a CoderDojo partner?

Our aim is to continue to grow our network so we can give even more young people the opportunity to learn to code and develop their digital skills. 
Our global partner programme is open to applications from organisations around the world. If you are part of an organisation that shares our vision and values, and has the ambition and capacity to grow CoderDojo in your local communities, find out how you can get involved.

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