6 insightful talks at Scratch Conference Europe!

30 August 2019 · by Nuala McHale

The Raspberry Pi Foundation hosted the first ever Scratch Conference Europe event to take place in the UK last weekend. From Friday 23 – Sunday 25 August more than 300 Scratchers, educators, and Raspberry Pi community members from 28 countries descended on Cambridge to share and learn from one another’s experiences. The conference was a great opportunity for CoderDojo volunteers and the Foundation to connect with makers and educators from around the world. We were amazed by the innovative and inspiring talks, workshops and discussions. Below are just a selection of the learnings gained over the weekend.   Coding… Read More

How to train new mentors for your club

28 June 2019 · by Nuala McHale

Dojos are often looking for innovative ways to support and encourage parents and other potential volunteers to become CoderDojo mentors. You may find that potential volunteers are very enthusiastic about young people learning new creative skills, but they may need encouragement to try coding so that they have the confidence to get more involved.  Over the past two years, the CoderDojo Foundation team have hosted training sessions across Ireland, the UK, and Belgium. They’ve used their experiences to develop a step-by-step guide to hosting and facilitating a training session, which… Read More

CoderDojo Foundation Report Q4 2018

16 April 2019 · by CoderDojo

We look back with great pride on what we have achieved in 2018. The success of our work is based on the amazing efforts of our volunteers around the world, and on our team’s targeted support for them. First things first: in 2018 we welcomed 660 new Dojos to the community, 184 of which were started in Q4. Now our global network of more than 2000 free coding clubs is regularly reaching over 60,000 young people in more than 110 countries worldwide. Here’s what our team has been doing behind the scenes in the last quarter of 2018. Read More

Annual survey results 2018

20 February 2019 · by CoderDojo

Every year we carry out the CoderDojo Annual Survey. All verified Dojos from around the world are invited to tell us about their club and share their experiences. The results gathered from this survey helps the Foundation know the ever-evolving community and their current experiences. This enables us to better support our community of volunteers and the clubs they manage. Curious what we found out from Dojos in 2018?     If you want to know more, you can explore the results of our survey yourself! For example, filter by your country. Read More

DojoCon 2018 in the medieval city of Kilkenny

7 November 2018 · by CoderDojo

The medieval city of Kilkenny in southeast Ireland was the location of a decidedly future-oriented event on the weekend of 20 October: DojoCon 2018 took place in Kilkenny’s Newpark Hotel. Organised by CoderDojo Kilkenny, this year’s international volunteer conference spread across two floors of the hotel, and more than 400 enthusiastic champions, mentors, and other people involved in the CoderDojo movement travelled from 12 countries; Serbia, Italy, UK, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Nigeria to share with and learn from each other. Local and international sponsorship Nuala McHale, Communications Manager… Read More

Supporting DojoCons in the future

16 October 2018 · by Rosa Langhammer

DojoCons are community-led conferences specifically tailored to volunteers, where they share with and learn from each other. Dojocon attendees are champions, mentors, and anyone else who is involved or interested in getting involved in the CoderDojo movement. These conferences feature keynote speeches, seminars led by professionals from the educational and digital technology sectors, and workshops hosted by Dojo volunteers. As the CoderDojo movement evolves, we’re expanding our support to help you run DojoCons for your local Dojo volunteer communities across the globe. To make your Dojo sustainable, forming connections within your local community is key. And… Read More