Ways to run your Dojo

Volunteers have shared how they are running their clubs during the coronavirus pandemic. We are amazed by their resilience and creativity. Here are some ways you can continue to provide fun, creative learning opportunities.

Options for clubs

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It is not safe to run in-person sessions right now.

We recommend:

  • Online sessions
  • Remote activities
  • A mixture of online sessions and remote activities
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I am able to run in-person with safety measures.

We recommend:

  • In-person sessions respecting local safety guidance
  • Online sessions
  • Remote activities
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I am able to run in-person with no safety measures.

We recommend:

  • In-person sessions
  • A mixture of in-person sessions, online sessions and remote activities

In-person sessions

We started after schools went back. The kids were very enthusiastic. A lot of parents were at ease when they saw the rules because they were the same rules as when you go to a restaurant or cinema.” – Martijn, Leusden Dojo, Netherlands


In-person sessions during the pandemic need to run in compliance with guidance from your local health authorities and host venue. For example, this may mean using safety measures regarding hygiene, social distancing, and check-ins.

When planning in-person sessions, consider:

  • Following local public health and host venue guidance
  • Planning suitable safety measures eg. contract tracing
  • Communicating safety measures to all Dojo members
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