Introducing our learning path resource!

We are delighted to share a new learning path resource with our volunteer community.

Access the learning path resource in English here

Update: The learning path resource is now available in Arabic! Thanks to Nadia from CoderDojo Iraq, for helping to translate it. If you would like to help translate the resource into your local language, please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

Access the learning path resource in Arabic

What is the learning path resource?

The learning path is a very simple tool that suggests project blocks for Ninjas to progress through at their Dojo. There is a Scratch and a Python path available. Each path is separated into three skill levels — Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced — for learners to approach at their own pace.

How the resource can help you

We developed the resource based on feedback from our volunteer community, many of whom wanted some guidance for their sessions. The learning path aims to:

  • Help young learners progress through projects
  • Help volunteers understand what skills are being developed
  • Make volunteers’ lives easier by having structured content ready to go
  • Help with volunteer motivation and reduce stress on volunteers

Tracking progression

The learning path provides a clear line of progression for young people to work through. This means that once a Ninja  has finished a project, they can jump right into the next one. As a result, Ninjas are able to track their achievements and gain confidence with each completed project. 

Thanks to all those who trialled the resource in their Dojos since September.  Your feedback helped us improve the resource for the wider community. One Dojo champion in the UK who tested the resource said:

In the club, we have been using it to start a Python course and that is going well.

It is great being able to say to the more able kids, “go do this project if you’re finished.” I love that. Some kids can get on and do the projects from the learning resource, which is very encouraging. They do not always understand what they are doing and why — that’s where the coach adds value.” 

If you want to track Ninjas’ progression, you can print a copy of this learning path summary sheet for each child. A nice way to recognise achievement would be to mark each project with a gold star or the date as they work through each block. Thanks to Sanneke and the CoderDojo Netherlands team for translating the summery sheet into Dutch.

Access the learning path summary sheet in Dutch



Considering new joiners

Many Dojos will have new young people joining on a rolling basis. The learning path provides a clear course of action for complete beginners. Another champion who trialled the resource commented that, “This path considers the fact that in a Dojo there may be newcomers all the time.” This can save time for volunteers at a busy Dojo session.

Localising the learning path

While many of our projects are available in different languages, at present not all of the projects in the learning path are available in languages other than English. You can help us  translate our resources for the global community by getting involved as a volunteer translator. Find out more at

We welcome your feedback!

Do you have feedback on the learning path that you’d like to share with us? Let us know your thoughts below so that we can continue to improve this resource.

Share your feedback on the learning path


Note: If you are experiencing trouble accessing the resource above, please go directly to our English learning path deck.


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