New resources, with something for all ages

Our latest resource round-up has something for everyone — from young coders just starting out on their learning journeys, to more experienced coders, to Dojo volunteers.

Beginner’s luck 

For younger coders attending a Dojo for the first time, our platform Code Club World is a great place to start learning to create with code. It has concise written instructions, and its mobile-friendly nature means it’s a fantastic choice for the beginners in your Dojo. One champion in the United States described it as “an amazing resource for starting kids”.

Check out Code Club World

Home island on Code Club world


Next steps

Once your Ninjas have worked their way through the Home and Scratch islands on Code Club World, they can develop their skills and independence with our new project paths. We recommend they try the “More Scratch: broadcast, decisions and variables” path next.

More Python? Yes please!

For more experienced coders who are looking to develop their skills in Python and have already completed our Introduction to Python path, check out our new More Python path. It shows young coders how to add real data to their programs while creating projects from a chart of Olympic medals to an interactive world map. Once young people have finished the path, you can celebrate their achievements with this certificate!

See the “More Python” path


E-learning for volunteers

It’s not just young people we have great new resources for this month. Adults can develop their skills too with our new 30-minute child safeguarding e-learning module. It includes explainers, printable resources, and interactive quizzes. Additionally, everyone who completes the module will be sent a certificate of completion by email.

Access the e-learning module

Website updates

We recently updated an integration on our community platform for Dojos that use Eventbrite. That means you can now connect your Dojo’s Eventbrite account to your Dojo on the CoderDojo platform. Then, any events that you create on Eventbrite will appear on your Dojo page and in the search results on the CoderDojo platform. 


It’s really easy to connect your Dojo’s Eventbrite account with the CoderDojo platform. See how to do it in the video below!. It has some great benefits:

  • Parents, volunteers, and young people who visit our website will be able to find your Dojo and book a ticket quickly and easily.
  • It will help us understand the global community and Dojo sessions better.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped with our recent user testing to improve how the CoderDojo website works for people who are looking for a Dojo. We really appreciate your input. We can’t wait to share more updates with you soon!


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