Dojo Pack

The ultimate champion resource, this webpage is designed to guide you from planning your first events, to running a fun and impactful Dojo longer term.

Use this 'Dojo pack' webpage to easily access our most popular resources for starting and running a Dojo. Scroll down to see resources and videos on:

  • Building a team
  • Picking activities
  • Keeping everyone safe
  • Using the platform
  • Promoting your events
  • Involving parents/guardians
  • Events and initiatives
  • Celebrating and decorating
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Build your team

Volunteers can help out by setting up the Dojo space, checking in attendees, managing ticketing, or promoting your club. Volunteers can also mentor young people, encouraging them and facilitating their learning.

Use these resources to help reach out to potential volunteers and grow your team!

Pick activities for your sessions

Every Dojo is different. Plan your sessions to suit the needs of your volunteers, your Ninjas, and the space and equipment available to you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all go perfectly at first; you can expect to make tweaks and adaptations throughout your Dojo journey.

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Keep everyone safe

Creating a safe environment for everyone is one of the most important parts of running an awesome Dojo. Use our resources and guidance to think about the steps you’ll need to take to keep your Dojo community as safe as possible.

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How to use the platform

The CoderDojo platform allows champions to manage their Dojo – to create events, update their Dojo profile information, manage volunteer requests, and more. See how to use the platform to help you with these tasks:

Promote your events

You may want to promote your Dojo on social media and in emails. To help you spread the word, use the images and posters below.

CoderDojo global slack on a laptop screen, on a desk with a person and coffee in a mug.

Involve parents and guardians

Parents and guardians can help in many ways, from helping to set up the room to managing administration or becoming a mentor themselves. The most successful Dojos are the ones where everyone feels welcomed and involved.

Avye and her mother

Events and initiatives

CoderDojo is a part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Foundation runs a series of different events and initiatives that clubs can get involved in throughout the year. For example:

Celebrate and decorate!

It's important to celebrate the achievements of all those involved in your Dojo and show gratitude to those who volunteer their time, skills, or space to support the club. This can help motivate not only your young people, but also the volunteers involved in your club, by letting them see the impact of their efforts.

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