From Mobile to Advanced Programming, Coolest Projects Ninja Highlights – Part 2

Over 1,100 young tech creators from 47 countries share their innovative ideas in this year’s Coolest Projects showcase! Hundreds of these young people are involved in CoderDojo clubs around the world, where they developed the skills, with the help of Dojo volunteers, to make their ideas a reality.

To celebrate our CoderDojo Ninjas who took part, here’s a small selection of the amazing entries to the Mobile application, Hardware and Advanced programming categories. Our previous blog includes projects from Scratch, Web and Games categories, and you can explore all project entries in the showcase gallery


Sarah, from Farran Dojo, Cork, Ireland developed this app using MIT App Inventor to help her dad with his bus routes. What a thoughtful idea!

Shunsuke from CoderDojo Azumino in Japan made a really useful AI bicycle app that detects stop signs, excessive speed, and road markings, and warns the cyclist with sound.

Aoibheann from Mayo, Ireland made this informative app to help people learn about the symptoms of sepsis. You can create an account, check and track your symptoms. There is also a ‘call for help’ feature. Great work, Aoibheann! 




Rocío from Majadahonda Dojo in Spain created an electronic LED circuit project that can improve a cyclist’s visibility while turning. It uses lights on the cyclist’s gloves to indicate when they are turning left or right.

Victor, Dohan, Pendea, Cab and Droj from Oradea Dojo in Romania created a remotely operated rover that can perform survey missions and collect atmospheric, telemetric, and environmental data with the help of built-in sensors. It is also capable of grabbing objects. 

Another glove, but this one makes music. Ada from Wicklow, Ireland created musical gloves using an Adafruit FLORA and pressure sensors. She coded it using C++ in the Arduino IDE. Great work, Ada!



Advanced Programming

Liam, from a CoderDojo in the USA, wrote a programme in Rust. It can find files from a search key in their file name in millionths of a second, no matter how many files there are. Wow!

Georgia who attends CoderDojo Votanikos, Greece coded a program that takes a photo of an object, detects what it is, and says it out loud. Georgia created this project to help those with visual impairments to better understand the world around them, even if they can’t see it.

Arnav and Shaurya coded an AI Python program that can be installed onto a camera. It uses TensorFlow’s neural network along with OpenCV to identify bullying of all sorts — physical or verbal — and alert the nearest adult. They also developed an app that can send alerts to teachers and the police.

 Takumi from Tokushima Dojo in Japan created a squatting trainer! The project was developed using HTML, JavaScript, p5.js, and Teachable Machine. It shows your pose, a video example, the number of squats you have completed, and offers advice to keep you motivated. A great project to help us workout at home!


Coolest Projects LIVE Celebration

We’ll be announcing the special judges’ favourite projects as part of our big live-streamed Coolest Projects celebration on 8 June!

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