From Scratch to Games, Coolest Projects Ninja Highlights – Part 1

Over 1,100 young tech creators from 47 countries shared their innovative ideas in this year’s Coolest Projects showcase! Hundreds of these young people are involved in CoderDojo clubs around the world where, with the help of Dojo volunteers, they developed the skills to make their ideas a reality.

To celebrate our CoderDojo Ninjas who took part, here’s a small selection of the amazing entries to the Scratch, Web development and Games categories. You can explore all project entries in the showcase gallery



We love this fun and interesting take on a traditional maze game using ‘x-ray glasses’ to see where you are going. Well done Kenta from CoderDojo Mizuho in Japan! 

Vedika in India, made this quiz to test your mathematical knowledge, and help you learn while doing so. 

Freddie from Gateshead Dojo, UK made this animated Scratch project to highlight animals that are at risk from poachers and deforestation, including the Albany adder. 




Web development

Oluwadabira, who attends CoderDojo Maitama in Nigeria, made a website to help young people learn about neuroscience. He believes that a better understanding of neuroscience will lead to better management of psychological challenges in the midst of difficult situations.

Gauransh from India made a website about the solar system. The main coding challenge was ensuring the syntax was correct, but something Gauransh overcame!

Dragos, Silviu, Andrei and Daniel Ioan from Romania worked as a team on this environmental management project. They developed an infrastructure map to ensure optimal recycling and waste collection for people who need to quickly find the nearest landfill or collection centre. They used Express.js for the back end, and Vue.js for the front end.




Tucker from CoderDojo RTP, in North Carolina, USA, developed this awesome multiplayer online and cross-platform game that allows you to play mah-jong with friends around the world. What a great way to connect and have fun with friends when you can’t meet in person.

Oscar, who participates in his local Dojo in Berlin, Germany, created this car game in JavaScript. He has been learning the language and this is the biggest game he has made so far in JavaScript. Well done, Oscar!

Matteo and Riccardo from Italy made ‘MATRIC: THE FUTURE CITY’ for people who will design and build sustainable cities of the future. They coded a Python minigame that helps you find 100 billboards featuring sustainable city design solutions within MATRIC — a city made of 25 districts built with Minecraft mods.



Coolest Projects LIVE Celebration

We’ll be announcing the special judges’ favourite projects as part of our big live-streamed Coolest Projects celebration on 8 June!

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