What we discussed on our September Community Call!

Did you miss out on our latest Open Community Call, on 20 September, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation? Don’t worry you can listen to call and see the resources that were mentioned below! The open call was hosted by Pete O’Shea, from the CoderDojo Foundation.

Watch and listen to the call in it’s entirety here:

On the open call, we focused on the below discussion points;

    • Giustina, the Foundation’s Executive Director discussed updates to the CoderDojo Charter and asked for the communities input. Translation of the charter was discussed.

    • our first guest Dave Honess from the Astro Pi project explained how to get your ninjas code in space by participating in two types of missions. He took questions from community members on the call regarding translations and how to get in touch regarding queries.

    • Ciara from the content team highlighted community curated content that she has discovered and encouraged other CoderDojo members who have created learning resources at their Dojo to share them with the wider community.

    • Philip told us about the upcoming Content Hackathon in November and how people can sign up to get involved.

    • Ross highlighted our upcoming Community Conference DojoCon, which is open to all those involved in CoderDojo. This years event is the most hands on yet with practical workshops in everything from robotics to animation to 3D printing!

    • He also noted how people can apply to give a lightening talk about an area of interest that would be useful for other Dojo volunteers here.

    • The call was then opened up for community insights and questions: We discussed regional differences in Dojo frequencies. We discussed how to keep advancing Ninjas engaged. We found out how non-ESA community members can get involved in Astro Pi. Radu asked about how best to support children who happen to be refugees in a Dojo setting, particularly given language barriers. Rosa shared her experiences from volunteering at a Dojo session in Serbia and more!

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