CoderDojo Formal Regional Bodies

In order to become a formal regional body, groups of Dojos sign a regional license with the CoderDojo Foundation. With the regional license comes support in a more structured manner from the CoderDojo Foundation and license for the body to operate as a non-profit under the name “CoderDojo [Region Name]” in their area. The Foundation then connects all new Dojos in the region with their regional body once they are verified.

Informal Regional Groups

CoderDojo also has a number of informal groups who work to actively encourage and promote CoderDojo in their region. These are often groups working toward becoming formal legal entities, or which do not require such status at present (e.g. if a group does not need to fundraise to operate, or if legal status is hard to achieve in their country.).

Informal Regional Groups sign a memorandum of understanding with the CoderDojo Foundation which recognises them as a group representing those Dojos within that region.

Meet our Regional Bodies

Why become a regional body?

There are lots of reasons why a number of Dojos may come together to form a regional group; Most often there is demand from potential partners to work with and support CoderDojo in a region, but they require a formal or non-profit entity to work with. At other times, the purpose is simply to connect Dojos in a region, to share region-specific experiences and best practices.