Safeguarding – Garda Vetting for Dojos in Ireland


Keeping young people safe is of paramount importance to the entire CoderDojo community. In Ireland it is a legal requirement that all regular volunteers at the Dojo are vetted via the Garda e-vetting process. The CoderDojo Foundation processes the Garda Vetting applications centrally for official Dojos.  


It’s great to have you join as a Dojo Volunteer! You will need to complete the form below and attach relevant documents to initiate your Garda e-vetting application.


Let’s get vetted

To ensure your application is complete, you will need to have the following to hand:


1. NVB1 Form (form available here)

This needs to be printed and signed by hand. Note: The National Vetting Bureau requires a handwritten signature, not a digital one.

2. Proof of ID

You will need both:

  • Photo ID e.g Passport or Driving Licence. We cannot accept the Irish Public services card.
  • Proof of address dated within the last 3 months e.g Utility bill (gas, electricity, television, broadband) or Bank/Building Society/Credit Union statement. Full list of acceptable documents is available here.

3. Name of your Dojo

You can search here if you need to confirm the name of the Dojo.

4. Dojo Champion details

Full name of the champion & their email address.

Are you between the ages of 16-18?

You will need to get the NVB3 form signed by a parent or guardian.


Getting stuck? Check out our help article “Filling out the e-vetting form”.

Once you have these documents at the ready,  upload them through the secure form below (also linked here).

So what next?

Once you have filled in the form above, the CoderDojo Foundation Support team will email you and your Dojo Champion within two working days.  This email will act as a prompt to let you know to expect a follow up mail from the National Vetting Bureau with a link to the online application.


Complete Online Application:  Follow the link contained in the email from the National Vetting Bureau to complete the vetting application. This will require you to include your list of previous addresses.


Wait: Usually within a week, the National Vetting Bureau will review your application and let CoderDojo know the result. Then you and your Dojo champion will receive an email from us with confirmation that you have passed the vetting process.


Create Cool Code: Welcome to the CoderDojo community, we cannot do this without our community and we are delighted to have you join us!


Handy Links:



*Do not allow an unvetted mentor/volunteer to operate in your Dojo without proof of vetting.