Volunteer at a Dojo

What does being a volunteer involve?

Dojos benefit from having a group of volunteers who bring a wide range of experiences. Here are a few examples of the many ways that you can get involved:

  • Help a champion to organise Dojo sessions
  • Prepare learning resources or activities for sessions
  • Promote your Dojo’s sessions locally
  • Communicate updates with parents and guardians of Ninjas
  • Mentor young learners during sessions
  • Organise the session space and equipment

Contact a Dojo champion and arrange to see a Dojo session in action!

Child sitting beside mentor on a laptop

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteers have told us how rewarding it feels to share their knowledge and experiences to help young people develop skills for the future. Team building, youth work, and mentoring are all skills you can expect to learn as a Dojo volunteer.

Our volunteers feel that being involved with their Dojo is a great way to give back to their local community, while also getting the opportunity to meet people who share their passions. Many people also join CoderDojo to be part of a global network and community with values they admire.

Training and support

We have training and resources available to support you in becoming a successful volunteer. This includes our “How to mentor at a Dojo” and “Safeguarding” modules, as well as our Code of behaviour guidance.

From the community

Doña Keating - Westsound
Doña, Washington

“I believe in what I do and know it’s of intrinsic value to our community and society at large. CoderDojo has contributed to my own knowledge, skill set, and growth in that arena.

It has also helped me personally, since speaking and presenting regularly in front of groups or crowds are challenging as an introvert.”

Ekaterina, Bulgaria

“I see [the young people] do things on their own, getting their ideas out there, and seeing creativity spur out of the moment.

It really gives me so much enjoyment.”

Nikole, Texas

“Our CoderDojo is making a real difference in the lives of those involved — beyond giving them a chance to improve their coding skills. Girls are seeing what they can do in the tech world; families are bonding over their shared understanding of coding; children are getting a chance to see a college campus and be inspired by its possibilities; and mentors have even received promotions at their day jobs.”

How do I become a volunteer?

Now you know what being a volunteer involves, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find and join your local Dojo. If there aren’t any Dojos near you, consider starting your own!
  2. Complete our safeguarding requirements, including free training.
  3. Attend your Dojo’s next sessions to meet other volunteers and support local young people to create with code in a fun, social space.

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