Attend a Dojo

It’s been famously remarked that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Well, if that’s true, CoderDojo wants to help train the next generation of Harrys and Hermiones. We’ve built a global network of FREE, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs to do just that.

Anyone from the age of seven to seventeen can visit a Dojo and learn how to code, build websites, apps, or games and explore technology in a laid-back, creative, fun and social environment.


What is my child going to learn?
CoderDojo is not curriculum based, so every Dojo covers different topics. Often young people will start with Scratch, a visual programming tool, or by building their own website.
How do you register for a Dojo?
Each Dojo makes its own rules around registration and attendance. Search our global map and contact the Dojo directly if there are no events listed on their Dojo page.
What does my child need to bring?
In most Dojos you will need to bring a laptop. If you don’t have one check with the Dojo as some Dojos have spare laptops to lend. Don’t forget curiosity and a positive attitude too!
There’s no Dojo near me. Is my child out of luck?
No! Every Dojo around was started by somebody with a passion for the idea. You’re totally capable, no matter your tech skills, of starting your own Dojo. Let us help you get started!
Can parents help?
Yes, you can absolutely help! If you have technical skills you can mentor at the Dojo. If not, you can help out with registrations, check-in, and promoting the Dojo both online and offline.