New projects, new features, new certificates

We’ve developed new project paths to develop learners skills and independence. Each path contains six projects. In the first three projects (explore) a set of skills is introduced. This learning is built upon with two more open-ended tasks (design). The final project in the path presents them with a simple project brief (invent), which they can complete in any way they choose.

Improved features

We’ve also introduced new features such as real-world information about the skills being taught, debugging tips to help find and fix common mistakes and reflection questions to solidify learning.

See the new project paths

There are currently three Scratch paths, a Python path, and a Physical computing with Scratch path. Plus, we’ll be adding more soon!

Tip: Use this handy short link to go directly to the paths during your next Dojo:

Environmental projects for COP26

To mark the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, you could also encourage your Ninjas to complete our ‘Protect our planet’ path. In these projects, young people will use Scratch to learn about the planet and how to protect the environment for future generations!

Protect our planet path

Celebrate with certificates

After young people have completed a path, celebrate their achievement by presenting them with the corresponding path certificate. You can either download the editable certificate and type in their details digitally, or print it out the blank certificate and write their name on it manually.

Scratch path certificates

Python path certificate

Physical computing path certificate

Unity path certificate


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