Resources to help you get #BackToDojo in 2020

It’s been a year unlike any other; like many others, the global CoderDojo community has had to adapt to a whole host of new circumstances in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite many Dojos around the world having to pause their sessions earlier this year, a remarkable number of clubs found new and innovative ways to learn, connect, and have fun. Almost 22% of Dojos polled in May reported that they were running online sessions — with many others sending out activities to their Ninjas and keeping in touch with their mentors. 

The focus of our #BackToDojo campaign is to support you — our incredible community — with restarting your Dojo. We will be sharing resources, advice, and community stories each week until the end of September. I will update this blog each week with the resources, so that you can find everything in one convenient place.

It’s been wonderful to hear stories from volunteers around the world who have been restarting their sessions either in person, online, or remotely. Keep sharing your stories on social media using the hashtag #BackToDojo!

Resources: 17 August

Webinar: Restarting your coding club

Learn how you can restart your Dojo and re-engage your Ninjas. Watch back the recording of the call, along with others covering topics from online tools to safeguarding, on our community calls page.

Outline for a 60- to 90-minute online club session

Use this useful pdf guide to help plan your online session structure. This resource is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about bringing their sessions online.

Resources 24 August

Blog: Three options for running your CoderDojo sessions

Learn about the different ways that you can run your sessions in the new term, and find the option that’s best for your Dojo. Read more here.

Resources for promoting your Dojo during the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many Dojos are now running their sessions online or remotely. Some Dojos in certain regions are able to run their sessions in person, in accordance with local safety regulations. With these new formats in mind, we have designed this set of resources to help you to promote your Dojo.

Resources 31 August

Video: Three tips for running your CoderDojo sessions online

If you are thinking about starting your sessions online, then check out this short video for tips on getting started.

Training: Introducing Python in your club

Learn about the basics of Python, resources for developing your skills, and tips for moving your Ninjas from block- to text-based programming. This is ideal for volunteers who would like to introduce Python to their Ninjas this term. Access the recording.

Updated guidance: What to do if your club or event can’t meet in person

Find detailed guidance on running and structuring online sessions and sending activities to your Ninjas remotely.

Blog: Restarting your sessions? Here’s how the Owari Dojo became more resilient

Read about how Katz from the Owari Dojo in Japan kept his club going strong during the pandemic.

Resources 7 September

Brand new webpage: Ways to run your club

CoderDojo volunteers and clubs all around the world have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. After listening carefully to you — our community — we have outlined three main ways in which you can run your club. Find an overview of these options, as well as guidance, resources, and advice on our new webpage.


Have your volunteers gone the extra mile to support your Ninjas to learn and code during the pandemic? You can now award them one of these awesome certificates to recognise their efforts! A Ninja certificate is also available.

Blog: Three tips for planning your next CoderDojo session

Wondering how to structure your online Dojo sessions or plan your remote activities? Here are three tips to help you!


Resources 14 September


Reward your Ninjas for their achievements — however big or small — with our newly designed certificate.

Learning path

You can support your Ninjas to progress their coding skills with our simple learning pathway.The learning path is a very simple tool that suggests project blocks for Ninjas to progress through at their Dojo. There is a Scratch and a Python path available.This resource is especially useful if you are hosting your sessions online or sending activities remotely.


Resources 21 September

New projects

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just launched a brand new Scratch project series. The theme of the series is ‘Look After Yourself’ and the projects are focused on well-being. Ninjas can code projects to bust stress, relax, create a peaceful scene, and much more!

Champion and volunteer certificates

We all know that it’s important to support and encourage the young people at your Dojo, but it’s also important to recognise the efforts of volunteers and champions! Download our free certificates for champions, volunteers, and venues here.

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