Celebrate your mentors by nominating them as Volunteer of the Month!

We want to recognise and celebrate the awesome work of CoderDojo volunteers. As part of this, we are excited to run our Volunteer of the Month campaign!

What is CoderDojo Volunteer of the Month?

It’s an online celebration of the amazing work volunteers around the world are doing in their local CoderDojo club. Each month, anyone can nominate a volunteer to be ‘Volunteer of the Month’ on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or using the form below.

Nominate someone here!

You can nominate a volunteer at any point throughout the month, and we will choose the winner at the end of the month. We will announce who has been awarded the title on the last day of every month, and share out a card with a photo and a few lines about them!

How can I nominate someone as Volunteer of the Month?

It’s easy! To nominate someone, simply share a post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram OR by using this form, with a photo of the person, and a few lines about why they are awesome. Remember to tag your post with #CoderDojoVolunteer to make sure we see it!

Who can be nominated as Volunteer of the Month?

Every contribution of time, skills, and energy made by a volunteer to their local CoderDojo club is important, no matter how big or small. Therefore, it is up to you to share with us what makes your nominee so special. This could be anything from warmly welcoming the Ninjas at the beginning of each session, to organising special holiday events at your Dojo. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to provide a lot of detail about the awesome work your volunteer does, so that we can understand their role as best we can.

Will there be prizes…?

Yes! As well as receiving an official Volunteer of the Month certificate, winners will also be included in the following month’s global Volunteer Newsletter, highlighting their achievement to thousands around the world! 

At the end of each quarter, we will also do a prize draw of all recent Volunteers of the Month. The winner will be sent a RaspberryPi 4, CoderDojo stickers, badges, and other goodies.

We cannot wait to highlight the incredible efforts of volunteers from around the world on a regular basis. Make someone’s day by nominating them as Volunteer of the Month today!


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