Show us what BOO can do — it’s the CoderDojo Boo Challenge!

It’s time to get SPOOKY, and we’ve got just the TRICK to make sure you get all the TREATS that this fall season has to offer. Get ready for the CoderDojo BOO Challenge!

What is the CoderDojo BOO Challenge?

We’d like to invite young people from Dojos worldwide to create a project with the word BOO in mind. How does it work, you ask? The project you submit has to incorporate BOO: bats, orange, or October! That means that your project can be about anything you want, so long as it includes at least ONE of the following:

  • bats 
  • the colour orange 
  • something related to the month of October, i.e pumpkins, fall, Halloween, candy corn, people in costumes, etc.

You get to create a project using whatever coding language you want! Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, App Inventor, Blender — you name it! All of them are at your full disposal to design the best project you can think of.

How do I take part?

Read over the full guidelines here and submit your project by November 12, 2019.

Submit your project now!

We’re super excited to see what you create, and we’ve got some awesome prizes to give out. This includes weekly prizes for sharing how your project is coming along using #DojoBooChallenge, so BOO your best for your chance to win hardware, project books, stickers and more!

Get inspired!

Need some inspiration? Try out these projects:

  1. Create an interactive board game with Halloween lights
  2. Make your own Ghostbusters games
  3. Design a wearable pumpkin t-shirt


Want young people in your local area to participate in the challenge, but can’t find a club nearby? Join one of our upcoming webinars telling you how you can start a fun, creative coding club for free!


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