5 courses to develop your technical mentoring skills

When we asked volunteers what motivated them to get involved in their local Dojo one quarter mentioned ‘learning new skills’. Our online training courses provide a practical and free way for you to learn new skills to suit your schedule. You can then practice and develop these skills in future Dojo sessions so even more people can benefit. Below are some of the latest online courses that we’ve developed that you can sign up to today:


An Introduction to Python for Educators

From our annual survey we know that 46% of Dojos are working with Python. On this course you’ll learn how to understand the basics of python syntax and interpret error messages. During the course you will create your first program and develop your understanding of Python to support young people in your Dojo. This course is available to start today.

Moving from Block- to Text-based Programming

93% of Dojos reported that they use Scratch to support young people to learn coding skills and create projects. Many mentors aren’t sure how to support young people that are ready to move on from this visual language to a text-based languages, such as Python and HTML. You’ll discover how to transfer the programming and thinking skills you learnt while using Scratch to Python. Course begins on June 3, Sign-up open now.


Understanding Computer Systems

Most Dojos jump straight into learning the basics of programming, but do you know what happens inside the machine? On this course you will learn what the computer operating system does and why you need it. You will also compare software and hardware, understand the importance of the central processing unit (CPU), and address factors that affect computer performance. This course begins on July 1. Sign-up is available now.

After taking this course an activity you could do at your Dojo is taking apart an old computer. Open the computer tower and let them guess the parts inside and what each do. You can even create labels so they can match up the parts of the computer with their function.

Engaging teenagers

Volunteers often ask how they can keep young people engaged as they develop their skills in a Dojo. These courses cover themes teenagers tend to be interested in, such as cyber-security. We also show you how to lead discussions around technology specifically aimed at teenagers.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Learn about the different attacks that individuals and devices are vulnerable to and how young people can prevent them. Explore malware, malicious bots, SQL injections, and physical threats to data. You will also build your knowledge of the different tools that protect data and websites, and how to discuss these with teenagers. This course begins on June 24 and sign-up is now open.

Impact of Technology: How To Lead Dojo Discussions

On this course, you will explore the ethical, legal, cultural, and environmental concerns surrounding computer science. You will also develop the skills needed to hold relevant, open, and exciting discussions in your Dojo with older attendees. The course begins on June 24. Sign-up is available now.

See all our available online courses here.

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