Scratch 3.0 has arrived! – What’s new?

CoderDojo clubs around the world use Scratch both online and offline to enable young people to express themselves, create projects, try new things and learn along with their peers. Scratch has been a vital tool not only in developing creative learning, but in also teaching coding concepts and problem-solving skills. Now Scratch 3.0 has been officially released! 


What new updates have been added to Scratch 3.0?

This new version expands what, how and where children can create with code. Since the Beta release in August, young people in Dojos have been testing out the latest features. We can’t wait to see what amazing new projects they develop with the full version!


New characters, backdrops, sounds and editors!

A host of new sprites, backdrops and sounds designed by artists and Scratch community members have been added to Scratch 3.0! As well as new assets, there are new editors make it easier to manipulate and remix sprites, music, and sounds. There are new sound effects more options for selecting and adjusting colours and much more! The designers and engineers also made sure the way children hack the JSON (sound) files in 2.0 still works in 3.0.

New Blocks!

No blocks have been removed in Scratch 3.0. Some have changed slightly, some have moved into “Extensions” (for example the Pen and Music blocks) and there are also some completely new blocks!

New blocks include: “sound effect” blocks, new operators that make it easier to work with text (strings), new pen blocks (including support for transparency), and new glide block to move easily to a sprite (or random point).

New extension system!

This allows children to program physical devices including micro:bits and LEGO robotics kits. Kids can keep adding new coding blocks to Scratch. You can program motors, lights, and sensors with the micro:bit, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 extensions.  It also allows Dojo attendees to integrate Scratch with web services such as Google Translate. They can program characters to speak in other languages, or to talk out loud with the Amazon Text-to-Speech extension. You can even program characters to respond to your body movements using your webcam and the Video Sensing extension. This library of extensions will continue to grow over time, expanding what you can create with Scratch.


New offline editor & device use!

As well as creating, remixing and sharing projects on laptops and desktops, you’ll now be able to do all this on tablets (including ipads) and mobile devices!

No internet? Don’t worry, Scratch 3.0 has an offline editor; Scratch Desktop.

New Tutorials and Activities

The new Ideas section of the Scratch website includes tutorials for complete beginners to more advanced coders looking for some inspiration. In addition we are updating all our Scratch projects on our resources site. Here are some Scratch 3.0 projects that are ready to go. Find the rest of our Scratch projects here. You can tell which ones have been updated to Scratch 3 in the header!

Try out Scratch 3.0 for yourself!



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