What makes your Dojo special?

To reward and recognise all the amazing Dojos running regularly in over 92 countries globally, we are running a fun competition! As many Dojos take a break during July/ August we want to help you celebrate all your Dojo has achieved with an end of term pack.

What’s in the end of term pack?

  • 30 CoderDojo stickers
  • 5 CoderDojo Lanyards and lanyard covers
  • 30 blank certificates to award to the young people in your club
  • Flyers to help recruit mentors
  • Info on how the Foundation can support your Dojo
  • Flyers to give to parents you meet so they can learn more
  • Info on other ways you can get involved with the Raspberry Pi Foundation

How do I enter my Dojo?

Fill in this form below (also linked here) with the full postal address to send the pack to your Dojo (make sure the details in this are correct). Add a quote from you or others in your Dojo (mentors, attendees- Ninjas, parents or volunteers) on how your Dojo is special and the benefits and impact it has had.

*Please note:*

  • One pack per Dojo.
  • Dojo’s must be registered and verified on the CoderDojo community platform before March 1st 2018.


Can I include media with my entry?

Yes, please feel free to also include links to visual or audio recordings from your Dojo of Dojo members highlighting why it is so special.

What is the deadline to enter?

Tell us what makes your Dojo special before June 15th and we’ll send you out an end of term pack, which will be shipped by June 29th.


Can I print editable certificate design or flyers elsewhere for my Dojo?

Yes, see our new editable certificates here and you can find our newly designed flyers and Dojo poster at: http://dojo.soy/flyers

What other things can I do to celebrate the end of Term at my Dojo?

Why not encourage young people to design thank you projects for the mentors and volunteers involved in your Dojos. Recognising the work of volunteers and mentors is important so they feel their time and efforts are valued.

Ninjas can make thank you animations in Scratch similar to this one, or even adapt this project to make a HTML/CSS thank you card in trinket. Or program a micro:bit to read out a thoughtful message for the volunteers who have given their time during the year.

You could even do a presentation highlighting some of the amazing projects that have been made this term, as well as noting how mentors and volunteers supported the Ninjas to make them. 


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