Volunteer at Coolest Projects UK!

In order to run an amazing event for the kids who attend and present at Coolest Projects UK we need volunteers like you with a wide variety of skills, non-technical or technical! Without your help we couldn’t make Coolest Projects a truly fantastic FUN event.

All we ask for is a few hours of your time on the 28th April 2018. Thats all!

If you are interested sign up using the link below. For more information check out our Volunteer FAQs.

Sign up to Volunteer at Coolest Projects UK


UK Open Community Call

We had our first UK specific Open Community Call on 15th of February. We spoke about Coolest Projects UK and how to attract Volunteers. If you missed out on the call, don’t worry you can catch up via our recording.

On the call we discussed:

  • Coolest Projects UK @ Here East, London
    • How you can get involved and attend
    • How young people in your Dojo can participate
    • Applying for travel bursaries and more
  • Additions to the CoderDojo Foundation UK Community Team
    • Introducing Ben, Mark and Richard

Key discussion items that came up on the call:

Is there a time schedule for the Coolest Projects UK event?
The event is likely to run from 9am – 5pm for participants and open from 10am publicly. However this is subject to change. Final schedule details will be sent to all registered participants and publicly announced once confirmed.

Does a project need to be completed in order to apply to showcase?

No it does not, we welcome all Ninjas to apply to showcase at Coolest Projects even if the project is not finished. We recommend applying as soon as possible.

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