CoderDojo And Me (私とCoderDojo)

Recently with CoderDojo co-founder James Whelton, I (Ross) had the wonderful opportunity to travel to DojoCon Japan 2017 founded by Takashi Hosoya held in Osaka. During the many inspirational speaking slots, challenging workshops and heartening lightning talks by the CoderDojo Japanese community, I luckily sat in front of what I can only describe as possibly one of the ‘coolest’ ninjas and youth Mentors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This is Yuki’s story –Ross, Community Lead for Japan

My name is Yuki Mihashi and this is my story entitled:

CoderDojo And Me;

I am a Ninja and Youth Mentor and I do ‘Dojo Hopping’

Before I knew CoderDojo.

                 I was very bored.                  

            Then I found out about CoderDojo.             

I liked the idea so I decided to go to my first Dojo.


 I was very shy around new people.

I didn’t speak to anyone typically until the end presentation.

After half a year of attending my Dojo, I went to…

Deca Dojo

Here I saw mentors having lots of fun, and everyone was talking to each other at the ‘Deca Dojo’.

I decide I will go back to my Dojo and talk more

I now think…Talking is fun!

Because by talking to mentors and ninjas I get lots of information.

Knowing new things from different Mentors interests me! 


Making something new with that information is fun!

I can get many ideas by going to lots of Dojos.

So I decide to make ‘Dojo Hopping’ to gather information and have fun!

These are the Dojos I have ‘hopped’ to so far:

 ・すぎなみ Suginami

 ・ひばりが丘 Hibarigaoka

 ・飯能 Hanno

 ・中野 Nakano

 ・八王子 Hachioji

 ・こだいら Kodaira

 ・小手指 Kotesashi

 ・西新宿 Nishishinjuku

 ・高田馬場 Takadanobaba

 CoderDojo is…the place where I can feel happiness through making and knowing new things and connect with many people.

I will keep “Dojo hopping”.

ご清聴ありがとうございました (Thank you for listening!)

By Yuki Mihashi.

Thanks to Yuki for sharing her insights and experience to encourage other girls to get involved with CoderDojo and be tech creators. Find out more about the CoderDojo Girls initiative and our ‘Empowering the Future’ guide with various approaches Dojos are using to achieve greater gender parity in their Dojos.

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