Community Content Release: “Express” Yourself with Python!

I bring you more content from the wonderful community of volunteers out there!


Regular Expressions

This interactive online tutorial was created by Nicco Kunzmann of CoderDojo Potsdam to teach you how to use Regular Expressions, a powerful tool for searching through text. A common example is verifying that input is in the correct format. They are not specific to any particular programming language, rather you use them within a programming language to search for patterns that you define.

And it’s available in English, German and Swedish!


Introduction to Python

Ben Nuttall’s Intro to Python is a code file that you run again and again, adding code as you go. The instructions are written as comments in the code and take you through basic programming concepts one step at a time.



Python Challenges

The Horsham CoderDojo have created a set of Python Challenges designed to get you solving problems. They’re a great way to practise your programming skills and see how your knowledge can be applied in different ways. Perhaps they might also inspire some new games or projects of your own!


Got something to contribute?

If this has inspired you to share some content that you’ve made, feel free to send it to me via email to [email protected] or post it in the forums. I’d love to hear from you!



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