Rockville CoderDojo runs a Raspberry Jam!

Youth ninja, Alexa, from Rockville CoderDojo recently ran a Raspberry Jam as an activity at her local Dojo. A Raspberry Jam is the pun-tastic name given to a meetup of people interested in making things with a Raspberry Pi computer! A Jam is a meeting of all kinds of people: some will be new to physical computing, and some will have plenty of experience that they are happy to share and this is why it is a perfect addition to a Dojo session! Below Alexa tells us more about her Raspberry Jam session.

Something I enjoy about CoderDojo is that there’s always time at the end to show off my projects and see other projects. What happens when tons of people get together to do that and they all have Raspberry Pi projects? Well that’s a Raspberry Jam and my dad and I decided to organize one. At the session people got to try out other people’s projects and ask the makers their questions.

CoderDojo DC exhibited at the Rockville Raspberry Jam and brought Raspberry Pis with a GrovePi+ hat to show off how to use Scratch on the Raspberry Pi to control sensors like LEDs and LCD screens! There were presentations as well that showed how to setup a Raspberry Pi to run the Retro Pie software, how you can control household items with a Raspberry Pi, how to make a Raspberry Pi cluster, the different steps that one presenter had taken to get to the design he has now for a kite that takes pictures, and what certain pieces of hardware do and how to use them in a circuit. You can see these presentations at Throughout running the Rockville Raspberry Jam, we had lots of fun and are thinking about running another Raspberry Jam next year!

Thanks for the update Alexa!

If you are interested in learning more about running a Raspberry Jam as an activity at your Dojo please check out the guide below.

Download the Raspberry Jam Guide!


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