How to email members of your Dojo from within the Platform

Last month, among designing the new Start a Dojo process, drafting specs for a new content platform and working on end-to-end test our software team pushed a new feature for the Community Platform (Zen) that I, among many community members had requested and were waiting for for in great anticipation!


Sure, the new My Dojo’s page that make creating events, viewing & managing your members, editing your Dojo profile and finding resources easier for those managing a Dojo, however the new feature is something a little smaller that directly benefits Champions and Mentors with Admin privileges all around the world!


Introducing… Contact your Members!

Now, from directly within the Community Platform, Champions are able to email all the members of their Dojo(s) (or filter so that you only email a specific group eg. mentors). The benefits of this are many, from notifying parents about scheduled breaks, term dates, new streams or even keeping them informed about any upcoming deadlines (Coolest Projects registration is fast approaching!).

From the My Dojos page, click manage users. Here you can click Send Email. From this page you can draft and format an email, that will be sent to all users (Bcc’ed)  that are joined to your Dojo. If you want to email a specific user group, parents or ninjas: from the manage user page, filter by type and then click ‘Send Email’.

Although relatively small in terms of development size, I’ve used this feature twice already, saving me about 20 minutes from no longer needing to export a CSV of users, import to gmail and sending from there.

I hope that you get as much benefit out of email all users as I know I will!


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