Open Community Call – 23rd of May

Hi everyone in the community!

Below is the agenda for third Open Community Call of 2017, facilitated by the CoderDojo Foundation. On this open call, we will be focusing on content and Digital Badges. Philip, our content lead, will be available on the call to receive feedback and open up the floor to particular topics pertaining to CoderDojo content and resources. The open call will be facilitated and chaired by the Community leads Ross & Pete using If you cannot attend the call, you can highlight anything you would like discussed on forums and we will be publishing the call as a video within two weeks of the 23rd.

Attendees: Open Community Call – Everyone is welcome!


7pm-8pm AWST

9pm-10pm AEST

8pm-9pm JST

12-1PM GMT+1


If you have items you wish to be discussed please suggest them on the CoderDojo Forums here.

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