A year in the life of a Dojo—Reviewing your Dojo

Collecting feedback

After your Dojo has been running for a while everyone involved will have an opinion on how to make it better. This is an open movement, so collect them and use them! Ask for feedback, listen to everyone involved and think about how you can make things better.

Those of us at the Foundation like to hear from the community too! You can always get in touch with us via the forums, social media (eg. Facebook, Twitter) or email (you will find all the links in the footer), but our biggest source of feedback and the source of much of our guidance for the year is our Annual Survey. It lands in to Dojo inboxes in November.


Sharing best practices

Your Dojo is a community, but it’s also part of the wider CoderDojo Community and Movement. You can always reach out to other Dojos and the Foundation on the CoderDojo forums to  ask for feedback and get ideas on how to make things more awesome!IMG_1821

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