DojoCon 2016 Bursary

Have you thought about coming to Dojocon but couldn’t afford to make the trip? We are opening a last-minute bursary for the impulse event attendees among you!

The Annual CoderDojo Community Conference, DojoCon, is open to attend for anyone involved or interested in the CoderDojo movement. This years event will run over three days from October 21st-23rd at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire and is titled: ‘CoderDojo Connects: Smarter Tech, Smarter Living’. See more information and get your tickets on

Open for a limited time only is a bursary for CoderDojo Volunteers to travel to Dun Laoghaire, Ireland for DojoCon. Get in your applications before Sunday 16th GMT+1.

Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis for those outside of Ireland and after the deadline for those in Ireland.

Fill out your bursary application TODAY.

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