50 FREE CoderDojo nano e-books to give away!

CoderDojo have 50 FREE electronic versions of our new book CoderDojo Nano:Build Your Own Website: Create with Code to give away to CoderDojo community members!

NINJA_RADICALThe initial handbook in the trilogy explains the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and how these are utilised in web design. The book contains step-by-step instructions, with challenges and open-ended prompts at the end of each section so that readers use their initiative. Reviewers have said it is very easy to follow even if the reader has no experience at all of coding. The steps are simple and you start seeing rewards straight away.

Initial pricing for the handbook is £9.99 (around €12) but we have 50 free English e-books for CoderDojo Champions, Mentors, Parents and Ninjas! (Please note that these are limited, so apply as soon as you can).



How can I get a free e-book?

Are you a CoderDojo Champion, Mentor, Parent or ninja?

If you aren’t already, register yourself on the CoderDojo community platform here.

Once logged in, go to our forums. Here you will see the competition thread. Once there post a comment with:

  1. Your name
  2. The type of community member you are (Champion, Mentor, parent or ninja-must be over 13 year olds)
  3. The name of your Dojo
  4. Where it is located (include country).

We will leave the thread open until 23.59pm (IST) on Sunday July 24th to give our global community members in different timezones the opportunity to participate.

Once closed we will randomly select 50 CoderDojo members to receive a free e-book and will email you the code and instructions for redeeming the book.

The code is redeemable on the iTunes Store for the country for which it is given and lasts from the date you receive it until August 15th.

NINJA_HIGH_FIVEIn return we ask that you please review the book on Amazon here once the book is live on July 28th, so that other children and CoderDojo members can see what you thought of the book. Here are some questions to help when reviewing:

  •  What kind of child would like this
  •  What age group this is suitable for
  •  If there are any quotes by children who have used the book, those are really handy to put up
  •  What feature, aspect or section of the book they like best or think is the most useful

Best of Luck!


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