Erasmus+ Partner Meeting @ Madrid


As many of you be aware, (particularly if you participated in the best practice and toolkit  surveys throughout 2015), CoderDojo is involved in an Erasmus+ project. The project is focused on determining and disseminating best practices from the CoderDojo movement across Europe.

One of the aims of the project is to examine the means by which evidence of learning gained by CoderDojo participants might be recognised. A large part of this initiative is all about listening to Parents / Mentors / Organisers and finding out what the important issues are and developing the resources based on this feedback.

We are delighted that our next partner meeting is happening on the 15th of April organized by our Spanish partner WiMi5 (CoderDojo Bilbao) and hosted Medialab-Prado Madrid (CoderDojo Madrid)

At this meeting we will be getting updates from all partners on their roles within the project. An exciting agenda has been set with items including an update of a ‘Best Practice Guide’, the contents of a newly constructed video ‘Toolkit’, as well as a brainstorming session surrounding the ‘Dissemination’ of the overall project.  

Speaking about the Toolkit  videos that are being created, John Peto, Director of the Nerve Centre said

“A key part of the Coderdojo Erasmus + project is around providing practical guidance to both existing and new Dojo’s. It’s vital that this information is not just rooted in best practice experience, but also that it is accessible to the widest possible audience. The short video guides that we are producing ensure that audiences across Europe can access short, focused, information in their own language to help them in running their Dojo’s and empowering young people with new creative digital skills.’

In addition on the Friday evening a workshop will be hosted with members from Dojos around Spain. This workshop will focus on sharing best practices and the areas where Spanish Dojos have more difficulties. Participants will include champions and mentors CoderDojo Bilbao, CoderDojo Medialab-Prado, CoderDojo Valencia, CoderDojo Murcia and CoderDojo Majadahonda.

Stay tuned on Twitter and follow #CoderDojoEPlus where we will be live tweeting the two days from everything including the partner dinner, the main meeting and the CoderDojo workshop!

All partner organisations

  • CIT (CoderDojo CIT)
  • The CoderDojo Foundation
  • The Nerve Centre (Moville CoderDojo)
  • IBE (CoderDojo Poland)
  • Wimi5 (CoderDojo Bilbao)

For more information on Erasmus + please visit Erasmus’s brand new website at where you can access updates on current projects, resources and rich media all in one location.



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