Raspberry Pi’s for all UK Dojos


The Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Google UK have donated Raspberry Pi’s to the CoderDojo Foundation to distribute to UK Dojos! As you can understand with the grassroots nature of the CoderDojo movement it had been challenging to deal with the logistics surrounding this partnership, from actually receiving the Pi’s to figuring out an appropriate distribution network to get them to Dojos! We are delighted to announce that Amazon have come on board and will be carrying out the fulfilment of this partnership for us. The Pi’s are now ready to be distributed to Dojos across the UK. If you would like a box of 5 Pi’s to start with can you please fill in this form.


**It’s very important that your details are filled in accurately as this will be used to ship the Pi’s to you Dojos who share blogs posts and tweet about what they get up to with the Pi’s will then become eligible to receive a supplementary batch! We’re really looking forward to seeing what your Ninjas produce with the Raspberry Pi’s!

Notes & disclaimers: The CoderDojo Foundation will retain ownership of the Pi’s, and they will be sent to you on a long-term loan. The contact person as submitted in the form will be responsible for maintaining and returning the Pi’s if required (ie the Dojo ceases to operate). The contents included in the kit are: A power supply, a Pi, a getting started guide and an SD card with a CoderDojo Special Edition Raspian OS pre-installed. The Dojo will need access to: monitors, cables (ethernet, HDMI -> your monitor’s input)

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