Our Values: Coderdojo Foundation


Community & Contribute:

  • At the core of the CoderDojo is our connected community. Our community of volunteers are the lifeline that power the CoderDojo movement globally. The community is our compass, we exist to enable & support the community.
  • All members of the Foundation are members of the Community & contribute as such.


  • We are accountable to our community and stakeholders. We believe that transparency builds trust, which is why we produce annual & quarterly reports that openly share all the details of our strategies, plans, goals and our relationships with funders & partners.

Delivering Positive Impact:

  • Our community is made up of individuals who generously & kindly volunteer their time and resources to the movement. The CoderDojo team must reliably deliver value to this community and strive to continuously improve on all of our offerings and services, while being responsive and accountable to all of our stakeholders.
  • We as an organisation believe that CoderDojo can continue to be a force for positive change in the world!

Be Cool, Be Creative, Have Fun:

  • CoderDojo is fundamentally about providing opportunities for young people to have fun with technology in a club based environment which is based on inclusion, innovation and creativity. This is at the core of our objectives and underpins and focuses the CoderDojo team on our activities and priorities.


  • Respect is fundamental. We respect & value other people’s ideas, their beliefs and their cultures. We openly and actively engage with all community members and stakeholders to challenge our thinking and to work on creating & maintaining fully inclusive environments at all Dojos.

Open & Free:

  • We are based on the principles of open source and of volunteer led movements, all that we do is provided openly and is free; gratis and libre.


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