Register for Europe Code Week 10th – 18th of October 2015!


SAVE THE DATE – from the 10th – 18th of October 2015, Europe Code Week is returning for a third year! The objective of this week is to have millions of children, young adults, adults, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs and policymakers come together in events and classrooms across Europe to learn to create with code!

The aim is to show everyone how they can bring your ideas to life with code, by making programming more visible to people around the world. By demystifying these skills and bringing motivated people together to learn code at your CoderDojo you can take part in Europe Code Week!

EU Code week, supported by the European commission, is a grass-root movement run by volunteers who promote coding in their countries. Last year more than 150,000 people participated in 4,200 coding events in 36 countries in Europe and beyond.

How can your Dojo participate in EU Code Week?

You can register any Dojo session as part of the celebration, even if it’s not taking place between the 10th and 18th of October so feel free to add all your upcoming sessions!!

Register your Dojo session!

In the true spirit of CodeWeek.EU we would ask all Dojos to try and do one outreach event during week of 10th – 18th of October 2015 to help spread the word about coding. Perhaps your Dojo Mentors / Champions could visit a local school, youth club or active retirement group to encourage everyone to try coding at their Dojo!

Have a great EU Code Week!

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