Brand New Content: Dojo Beginner HTML Sushi Cards!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new CoderDojo Sushi cards! CoderDojo Sushi cards are simple: One concept, one card. Individual concept cards fit into a series of Sushi cards that will introduce young people to programming languages. Originally created by Clyde Hatter, a mentor in CoderDojo Bray, Ireland. CoderDojo Sushi is now being expanded and developed further for the global CoderDojo Community! The original My First Website series has been redesigned and edited and now we’re relaunching it. This series is soon to followed by a beginners Javascript series which is in development with more to be announced soon. You can see all about CoderDojo Sushi here>>.

If you would like to create your own CoderDojo Sushi cards for any concepts or languages you can download the original Sushi Card templates from the CoderDojo Sushi page here>>. You can then edit with your Dojo’s logo and share them with the global CoderDojo community via Kata!

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Download the full set here!

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