CoderDojo Recommended Practice Pilot Feedback

After the success of the Recommended Practice pilot with the CoderDojo community, we have gathered all the feedback from participants. You can see this feedback below.

You can see the Code of Recommended Practice here: Code of Recommended Practice.

The CoderDojo Foundation have seen the CoderDojo Recommended Practice as a great success that primarily displays the dedication of volunteers around the world who work tirelessly to ensure the best possible environment for the young people and volunteers at their Dojos.

With the development of the CoderDojo Community Platform Recommended Practice is going to be integrated into the on boarding process for new Dojos and as such will not be promoted for Dojos to align until that time. However, if your Dojo would like to work towards aligning with Recommended Practice in the meantime please feel free to contact info[at]coderdojo.[com] and we will guide you through the process.

You can see the Dojos who have aligned with Recommended Practice below:

  • Ashbourne CoderDojo, Ireland
  • CoderDojo Allumiere
  • CoderDojo Athenry, Ireland
  • CoderDojo Dalkey, Ireland
  • CoderDojo Drogheda, Ireland
  • Egedal CoderDojo, Denmark
  • CoderDojo Milano, Italy
  • NEC CoderDojo, Ireland
  • CoderDojo Pavia, Italy
  • CoderDojo Roma, Italy
  • CoderDojo Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • CoderDojo Tramore, Ireland
  • CoderDojo Wexford, Ireland

Thank you again to all Dojos who participated in the pilot and worked so hard to ensure their Dojos are of the best possible standard for protecting their young people.

CoderDojo Recommended Practice Feedback

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