Community Diary: Castleknock Coders Answer Home Economic Student’s Prayers

Home Ec Coders

Aoife, Izel and Ellen, Transition Year students from Castleknock Community College, started a mini company this year called ‘Home Ec. Helps’.  They decided that they would make an app which could be helpful to 3rd year students when doing Home Economics cooking exams.

 “When we were doing our Home Economic cookery exam in 2014, we found very few resources to assist us,” the girls said.  “We first developed the concept, decided on layout and visuals then we decided the best way to deliver the concept to our target audience.  We felt that young people would buy into the idea if we used a platform that they already use hence the idea of an app.”

 The girls found out about CoderDojo in their school and decided that they would go to a local dojo to try to get information on how to make an app.  “The production of the app wouldn’t have been possible without the help of CoderDojo D15,” they said.

 “We can’t speak highly enough of Ivo and the team. Every question was answered, every step explained. He even gave us extra time to explain app developmental techniques. It really is a great experience and you take so much away from it. We encourage everyone to take up coding because it will be a very valuable skill in the future.”

 The Home Ec Helps app/iBook includes recipes, top tips, evaluation & investigation tips and exam checklists.

Their app “ Home Ec Helps” is currently available on the Google Play store, or if you are an Apple user you can contact them at homeec.helps[at]gmail[dot]com about the iBook. This would make an excellent study aid for any Junior Cert students or a guide to easy cooking for people in the real world.

Read an article from their local paper


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