CoderDojo Mentor Workshop in The Nimbus Centre, CIT, Cork, Ireland.

CoderDojo would like to invite Mentors & Champions to attend a workshop in The Nimbus  Centre, CIT, Cork, Ireland on Wednesday 11th February 9.00 – 12.30 followed by lunch!  The workshop is part of a larger European funded project managed by CIT.  The purpose of the workshop is to learn from CoderDojo Mentors and their experiences in setting up and running a CoderDojo.
  • This will allow the project to develop best practices and create digital resources for all CoderDojos.

Register to attend here!

If you can make it, please email Catherine Murphy via the button above to confirm your attendance.

We would really appreciate anyone available to take time from your busy schedules attend.  Your contribution will support CoderDojos right across the world as we roll out the results of your contributions.  Attendees for this workshop will be from CoderDojos right across Cork so there will be time to have a chat on the day.

Please note: If you can’t make it, you can still email Catherine with any CoderDojo experiences you wish to share.


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Graham Royce says

Apologies I won't be able to make it. I will next time but also would like to offer my services. Have a great day

Graham Royce says

Could you please set up a button for google+ a lot of dodos have google plus communities which the mentors communicate through. Thanks

Will Knott says

Can't make it I'm afraid.
Most interesting finding was, if you tell the ninjas that something *can* be done, at least one will look up how and do it.

e.g. Using JS to make a dice program, then replacing the numbers with strings to make up fun sentences for a web page. Mentioned that you could use Phonegap to turn it in to a mobile app... one did.

Seamus O'Neill says

I'm with CoderDojo Navan. Saw the notice too late to make it to Cork. What might a Mentor have learned after 2 years a-dojo? With my teacher's hat on (and mentor's hat off) among my observations is, that Dojos and schools are quite different. To get kids at school and their teachers coding we need to think differently.

Shane O'Connor says

Quick post to say thank you for a fantastic session this morning. Was great to meet everyone and hear the ideas for improving CoderDojo.