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About Code For Ireland

Code For Ireland is a newly launched organisation following in the footsteps of Code For America, which was founded in 2009. Like Code For America, Code For Ireland has attracted technologists to get involved in developing technology solutions in and with the Irish government and its communities. It’s aim is to encourage civic engagement and participation from the volunteer tech “brigades” across cities and towns in all 32 Irish counties. Code For Ireland is working in partnership with their US counterparts and other teams globally to develop technology solutions for Irish communities and the general public. The Code For Ireland launch event was in Dublin Castle in February 2014, and there have been monthly events since then. There will be a year end Gala event to showcase the year’s work.

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Code For Ireland focus on building apps and / or websites to solve community problems and improve society including categories of Community and Public Services. This includes, but is not limited to, healthcare, security /safety, education, funding, economic development, democracy.

Save a Selfie


What: Locator for nearest defibrillator to an incident.

The goal of this civic app is to identify where all defibrillators are located in Dublin, then extend this outward to cover all of Ireland.

My Q


What: Show your waiting time in a queue

The goal of this app to minimize queuing time in local authority / government offices.

Cerebral Palsy app and website


An app to help cerebral palsy patients and their carers to track treatments and progress

Cerebral palsy receive treatment every few months to reduce the symptoms of their disorder. The app will allow them or their carers to track how effective each treatment is, which will assist their carers and their physicians to hone their treatments.



Mobile application for recovery of stolen bicycles

Problem to be solved

Lots of bikes get stolen in Dublin (and elsewhere)

Hard to track down and recover stolen bikes

GPS tracking solutions are expensive

RFID/barcode solutions are short distance

Commercial solutions tend to be proprietary

Bike databases are not linked to physical bikes

Gardaí can’t support / promote commercial solutions

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