CoderDojo Matera holds Mega Dojo of 1030 attendees!


On October 4, CoderDojo Matera held a Big Dojo at the Comprehensive School Pascoli, with about 1030 young coders! This Big event is in support of Matera, Candidate City for Capital Europe in 2019.

Event stats:

  • 2 school buildings used at Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni Pascoli of Matera

  • 6 sessions with 3 champions and 1 Youth Mentor

  • Total young coders: 1030

  • Total CoderDojo Mentors: 80 (including the Chief of the School Mr Michele Ventrelli!)

  • 10 Dojos ran in previous months to prepare the Mentors and organise the event!

Press article about Materas Big Dojo

More images from Matera Big Dojo!

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