CoderDojo & Codestarter partner to provide laptops to youths in underserved areas in the US.

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As you may know the CoderDojo Foundation has recently partnered with Codestarter, a new U.S. based nonprofit, to provide laptops to youths in underserved areas who wish to join CoderDojo sessions.

About Codestarter

By focusing on underserved populations and offering hardware, Codestarter aims to open the doors to programming education for young people who previously couldn’t take full advantage of the opportunities available for learning to code with CoderDojo.

Codestarter has already received pledges of nearly one hundred Acer Chromebooks which they have been distributing to selected Dojos. Initially students receive laptops on loan in order to join the Dojo. If the young people actively show Codestarter that they have the initiative and willingness to learn code  they will be able to keep the laptop permanently in order to pursue their newfound love of coding.

This Fall, Codestarter will be opening up to all Dojos across the USA . If you are interested in receiving laptops for your Dojo through this exciting initiative then please contact:

Mail [email protected]

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